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You might be the best plastic surgeon in your city, but you’ll have a hard time attracting new patients if people can’t find you online through Google search. If you want to improve your online visibility, you need to invest in plastic surgery SEO services.

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Note search engine optimization doesn’t happen overnight. Results on average take four to six months, with the initial weeks targeting and honing keyword strategies and auditing the site. SEO specialists gradually optimize different parts of the site, amplifying the content, and increasing organic traffic.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves improving a website to increase the amount of organic traffic. The process is different from paid services, such as pay-per-click campaigns, where advertisers pay to attract customers. A proper plastic surgeon SEO strategy will help your site appear higher in search engine results for select keywords and phrases.

Search engine optimization serves two primary purposes: improving the quantity of traffic and the quality of traffic. Optimization makes it easier for web crawlers to crawl and index your website, which the search engine’s algorithm rewards with higher page rankings. Improving visibility goes hand-in-hand with increasing overall traffic to your cosmetic surgery website.

You don’t want just anyone visiting, though. You want people interested in plastic surgery, whether that’s learning more about procedures or setting up an appointment. Search engine optimization tailors your content to your target audience, increasing the odds of attracting interested and paying customers.

Achieving these results is easier said than done. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our plastic surgeon SEO experts understand what it takes to optimize your website and deliver results on time and budget. We use a multi-prong approach that leverages your strengths and corrects your weaknesses by:
Improving page loading speed
Producing informative and authoritative blog posts
Building backlinks
Making a website mobile-friendly
Targeting keywords and topics in the content
Eliminating 404s and broken links

Why Does Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Need SEO?

Rankings are everything when it comes to online searches. The higher you rank in organic search, the more likely you are to get visitors to your site. The more visitors you receive, the more opportunities you have for consultations, appointments for a surgery, and sales. While you may notice a spike in traffic after three months, it will pale in comparison to your results after a year of optimization.

Consider these two facts: 93% percent of people click on a search result on the first page and, one-third of the time, that’s the first organic link. The number of clicks falls exponentially with each spot. According to, the second organic link gets 15.7% of clicks, and the third one gets 11%, and so forth. The translation: ranking higher works wonders for driving more traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization improves your chances of ranking on the first page, no matter your budget. You can start seeing results and attracting potential patients without having to pay for ads or public relations management.

Successful SEO strategies provide your cosmetic surgery practice with a competitive edge online and in the workplace. Not only can you mirror your competitor’s strengths, but you can learn from their mistakes when growing your business. Our internet marketing agency will make sure to create the best strategy customized for your practice whether you need a stellar homepage content or a thorough keyword research to target the right audience.

Our Services

Local SEO

Local SEO for plastic surgery practices helps you appear higher on search engine results for queries in your immediate geographic area. If you have a practice in New York City, you want to attract clients from Manhattan, NY, not Manhattan, KS. The process boosts your online presence in local search results, whether you have one location or several.

We can improve your local visibility through Google My Business optimization. Our team ensures you have consistent information and branding across each target platform. We also add your business name to second-tier directories, like Yelp and Angie’s List, and create business listing citations for your local Chamber of Commerce.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves perfecting content on your plastic surgery website.We make pages more user-friendly for visitors and crawlers alike. Some of the components we optimize include:

We begin on-page optimization with an audit.The comprehensive analysis provides a blueprint of where you are and where you need to go.

Technical SEO

Creating optimized content is only half the battle. Technical SEO provides the structure your website needs for crawling and indexing. The process makes it easier for search engines to analyze your website and its content before ranking it.

Some of the checkpoints our audit covers include:

Off-Page SEO

All SEO doesn’t happen on your website. A portion of it takes place on other sites, hence the name off-page SEO. The process refers to an individual or company using outreach, prospecting, and direct emails to improve page rankings.
Our specialists work to establish backlinks, or incoming links, which occur when another website the same or similar industry links to yours. These serve as a digital endorsement, driving new traffic to your pages and boosting your authority in search engines’ eyes. We work with influencers, bloggers, and news organizations to ensure your practice gets the attention and off-page optimization it deserves.

Plastic Surgery SEO FAQ's


How long does it take to rank a brand-new plastic surgeon site?


The rule of thumb in SEO is that it takes four to six months to see results. Once you hit that mark, you should continue seeing a steep uptick in traffic and conversions. Maximizing results requires doubling down the on SEO campaign and efforts, even after reaching the six-month mark.
You’ll notice incremental progress from month to month. SEO specialists need to build a sturdy foundation before they can optimize other parts of your website.


Is SEO the most effective way for plastic surgeons to advertise their business online?


Yes, SEO proves time and time again to provide the best return on investment compared to other digital marketing channels such as social media marketing or paid ads. Once you’re ranking well, you essentially own a digital asset that’s able to generate leads 24/7.


Will SEO bring my plastic surgery practice the highest ROI?


As long as you hire the right SEO agency, then yes, it will provide the highest ROI. SEO typically provides three dollars for every one dollar invested.

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