Plastic Surgeon Case Study #1


Service: SEO

Timeframe: Results Within 2 Months


This company offers various cosmetic procedures including botox, breast augmentation, lip fillers, microneedling, CoolSculpting and more. 

They came to us because they were looking to book more appointments for their procedures.

Their last SEO company provided not so favorable results.


This plastic surgeon had a big site, and had a lot of room for opportunity. 

They operate in a city that houses over 1 million residents, so the competition was stiff. 

There was practically a plastic surgeon on every corner. 

Here were the most pressing issues found:


The first thing we did was run a complete audit of the site, which comprises of a 100+ checklist; this is one in which I’ve personally made from years of auditing sites – I can find things that many SEO’s wouldn’t even think of looking for.

After running the audit and analyzing the results, we prioritized and fixed both the major and minor issues to make sure the SEO campaign was built upon a solid foundation; this included fixing those issues stated in the “Challenges” section.

Using this information, we optimized each important service page to them, which involves reverse engineering the top ranking sites to determine what Google’s algorithm is favoring for that particular keyword, and based on our findings, we go back and finalize our data-backed optimizations, which proves to make a huge difference time and time again. These optimizations involve changes to the title tag, H1’s, sub-headers, body content, internal linking, and schema mark up. 

They had a ton of content on the site, but a lot of it was overlapping, didn’t have enough content, or were completely irrelevant so we ran a content audit to clean up the entire site, from which we saw nice ranking increases.

During that same period, we starting the link building campaign, which involves prospecting thousands of websites to identify potential sites we may want a link from, filtering the list down using very strict criteria, finding email addresses of the important contacts at each site, and pitching personalized emails to each one. We were able to land contexually relevant backlinks from very authoritive websites, which helped move the needle a lot.

We continued to test and refine the on page optimizations, fixing content issues, making sure we adhere to our standard “topic cluster” information architecture model, and acquired a vast amount of high quality backlinks to ultimately get this client the results they needed to continue to grow their thriving business.


☑️ Doubled The Number Of Booked Appointments

☑️ 15 Keywords Moved Onto The First Page

☑️ A very happy client who can focus on what they love and do best

"We have been working with Zach for just five months. What he has accomplished thus far is incredible. Zach is professional, knowledgeable and accessible as needed. He has managed to increase our rankings on many keywords thus increasing our website traffic and doubling our business! I can't seem to leave the operating room. We so appreciate his efforts and continued progress and highly recommend him for SEO. "
Dr. Gary B.
Plastic Surgeon

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