Off-Page SEO

Most search engine optimization for plastic surgeons takes place on your website. That includes writing blogs, creating XML sitemaps, and eliminating duplicate content. Off-page SEO for plastic surgeons encompasses all the activities that take place away from your site, but still improve your page ranking on search engines. In order to rank your plastic surgery center, you’ll need to acquire backlinks from other niche-relevant sites to build your site’ authority.

The 3 Steps to Link Building


Backlinks are arguably the best way to optimize your off-page SEO. A backlink functions like a digital endorsement, with an outside website linking to yours. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing reward sites that have numerous, high-quality backlinks by giving them higher page ranks.
While it’s tempting to let backlinking play out organically, you’re better off taking matters into your own hands. Prospecting involves finding new plastic surgeon-related websites where you can place a link. That might include a review site, a blog, a news organization, or an influencer’s social media account.
Our SEO specialists perform classic search engine results page (SERP) research and identify common backlinks. SERP research can be as simple as a Google search for the highest-ranking opportunities. Finding backlinks involves prospecting for co-citations on different related domains.


Link building outreach requires you to contact relevant authorities related to cosmetic surgery and ask for backlinks. For example, suppose you run a start-up. One way to boost your profile could include a featured article in your local newspaper or having a social media influencer recommend your product. While there’s no single best way to get backlinks, it helps to give what you receive.
If someone agrees to endorse your product, offer to promote their content on your website. The reciprocity makes it a win-win situation and provides a building block for future collaboration. Don’t forget common courtesy during your outreach. Being polite and professional goes a long way to getting what you want.
We begin on-page SEO with an audit.The comprehensive analysis provides a blueprint of where you are and where you need to go.

Negotiating Link Placement

All link placements are not equal. Getting a link to your company in body copy is much more valuable than in a sidebar. Part of the link building exercise involves negotiating with the other party about where to place the link and its overall value.

Four Ways to Build Credible Links

Guest Posting

Guest posting means you write and publish an article on a different cosmetic surgery website and link it back to your own. The arrangement benefits both parties. The host doesn’t have to lift a finger to produce high-quality content, and you get the valuable backlink and self-promotion.
Be selective where you pitch your guest posts. Choosing one authoritative source is more valuable than 100 mediocre ones. Make sure the host falls into a similar niche before sending them a pitch. Your proposal should be short and to the point, but compelling enough that they want to learn more.

Broken Link Building

Broken links occur when a link redirects a visitor to a dead resource. The source about plastic surgery may not work because you deleted the original article, changed the URL, or made another technical change. Broken link building entails finding the faulty connections and recreating the content to restore the link.
According to Site Explorer, there are more than two trillion external backlinks. Instead of going through every backlink to your website, focus on fixing the pages that have the most backlinks. You can also find broken outlinks to authoritative sources, and see which ones contain worthwhile backlinks.

Skyscraper Technique

According to the skyscraper technique, you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. The system turns high-value content into a wealth of backlinks. All you have to do is research existing trends and create content based on that topic.
Standing out with the skyscraper techniques involves improving existing material. Maybe your articles have updated statistics, better design, or a multimedia platform. Because you already know there’s a market for this content and its ranking potential, don’t skimp on time or effort during content creation.

Resource Page Link Building

People love lists. Resource page link building leverages this fact by establishing backlinks on pages with curated lists to external websites. Curated lists often come with above-average content and authority, so they can provide a sizeable boost to your off-page SEO.
Let’s say that you run a website with vegan recipes. Another site with a curated list has an article titled, “The best cosmetic procedures to get this year” A straightforward outreach email should be enough.

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