How To Optimize Your Plastic Surgery Clinic's Google My Business Listing

However you choose to look at it, the truth remains that SEO can be highly competitive. However, several tools exist to make search ranking optimization easy. Some of these tools are even free and easy to use. One of such free tools is Google My Business. It is a tool that Google offers business owners to help them manage how their information is listed in search listings. Google my business allows you to manage your location on platforms like Google maps, online reviews, and knowledge graphs. Every local business owner will need to set up their business location on Google my business, considering that it helps people find you when they search for your services on Google maps. 

According to statistics, over fifty percent of consumers visit the stores they find when they do a local search on their smartphone. Additionally, Google search results are arranged in a manner that puts a map and a list of the top three nearby local listings at the top. Of course, we know that many consumers are satisfied with the information they’ll find on the top three choices right away. This information is enough for anybody to make their decisions, and most consumers will not bother scrolling further down.

Apart from listing your local business on Google My Business, you also want to optimize your Google My Business Listing account for visibility and efficiency. Wondering how you can do this? Here are practical steps that you can adopt to optimize your Google My Business listing so you can maximize your local SEO visibility for your plastic surgery center.


Completely Fill Out Your Google My Business Listing

As expected, local search results tend to favor the most relevant results when searches are done. Therefore, it’s easier to find businesses that offer detailed and accurate information on their listings. To rank well, you must tick every box with accurate information. 

Start by checking to be sure that your listing is clear enough to communicate your business location, what it does, and how potential customers can acquire the goods and services that you offer. This way, you are not leaving anything to assumptions. 

Include Keywords Related To Plastic Surgery

Similar to traditional SEO for cosmetic surgery, Google also serves search results using various signals. You must understand these signals and leverage them to optimize your ranking. This is where actions like including keywords in your business listings becomes essential. 

This is especially because your business website gets listed directly within your GMB listing. We recommend using keywords and search phrases in your business description. You can also use them every time you are making a local post for your audience.

Ensure Consistency of Information Across All Platforms

One factor Google algorithm considers to verify the legitimacy of any listing is the consistency of how it is listed across different websites. It may seem like a simple task to enter similar contact information across multiple websites, but the truth remains that there’ll be moments of minor slip-ups. It could be something as easy as writing out the Road part of your address in one instance and shortening it as Rd in another instance. 

You’ll need to pick a standard way to write your address and every other information across different platforms for proper optimization. While doing this, you must also put in the effort to get your website listed on several relevant business directories

Use A Local Number

Your business listing optimization efforts shouldn’t just stop keeping your phone number and contact information consistent across different directories. You also need to have a phone number with a local area code. Having a local number sends a signal to Google that your business is actually local. Also, ensure that the number you are using for your Google My Business listing is also displayed on your home page or any landing page you’ll link your Google listing from. 

Encourage Reviews

You must have noticed the star ratings beside the names of local business listings in the map snippet of local searches. Google always wants to provide all the useful information that users will need to make their purchases, including business authenticity. Whether it is for proving your business’s authenticity to Google or potential clients, you’ll need an excellent rating in your Google My Business Listing

If you can, ask your satisfied customers to drop reviews on Google. You don’t have to force them to do, but a gentle reminder of how much a review would mean to your business can help encourage your loyal customers to make the sacrifice.

Add Photos

You probably didn’t know that photos play a huge role in determining your business listing rank. According to statistics, businesses that include photos in their listings get 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and more than 34% more click-throughs on their business when compared to businesses without photos. Therefore, it’s important to add clear photos of your products where possible.


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